“…and much more”

When I started this blog, after being diagnosed with cancer in July 2013, I made my subtitle, “Updates & reflections on cancer, treatment, and much more.” By adding, ‘much more‘ to the subtitle, I wanted to create an open space for myself, to write about more than cancer and treatment, for I was then and am now, much more than a cancer patient.

I felt compelled to write about my cancer journey, for it seemed to be healthy to get things into the light of day. I needed to write about it, because I felt that there was value in others learning through my experience, and I needed to do it to let people know what I was going through – I needed support.

All of that said, I often struggled with writing about cancer – the gaps in time between and since my postings is a testament to that struggle. On the one hand, it often felt to me like taking the time to write about cancer gave it more power than it deserved; sort of glorified it. On the other hand, it seemed that telling cancer’s story through sharing its manifestation in my life took its power and mystery away. Certainly, cancer it is a complex subject, well beyond just the medical.

Through my writing about cancer, both in my blog and on Facebook, my objectives thus far have been achieved. It seems that others have indeed learned from my experience leading to and through diagnosis, treatment and side effects. And no doubt about it, though putting myself out there, people have rallied to my side, offering love, support and prayer. The strength which that support gave me to push through to the other side of treatment, past the last chemo and those final days of pain and discomfort, was and is something I will never, ever forget.

Almost a year has passed since I completed treatment, the last being December 11, 2013. By that point, with the effects of treatment being cumulative, I was physically pretty weak. Just going up one step took all the strength I could muster. Of course, I had no hair and over time, my eyebrows and eyelashes had also disappeared. I used to say I looked like a bowling ball!

I brought in the New Year of 2014 with great hope, and happily put 2013 behind me. It was a tough year! My goal for the new year: grow hair, get strong, and get to work…in that order!

Next time – “and much more” on life after treatment, so far!


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2 Responses to “…and much more”

  1. Raymond says:

    A wonderfully inspiring summary Cissy! I am looking forward to the next installment….and the BOOK! Your admiring Flyboy Friend!

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